Monday, April 12, 2010

Skellig Michael, April 2010

If you have not seen a good friend for some time, you are getting a bit nervous when the day comes. No wonder I was up at 7 am yesterday and started to sort my photo gear and the right outfit. The wind was still going strong, but at 9 am I got the green light from Ken Roddy that the boat was going. After leaving the Portmagee channel, the sea turned a bit rough but despite the shake and a bit of spray everybody had a good time. Landing at Skellig Michael was the next challenge,  it was a good feeling to have solid ground under the feet again. We went towards the steps for the monastery, birdsong was in the air and the sun made it really nice for us. Halfway up I met a couple that could not decide if they really should go the 600 steps to the top but I could convince them to follow us. The monastery at Skellig Michael only appears after passing trough a kind of hole in the wall and it always surprises me how well designed the place is. Every time I´m there I see new details, mainly because of the different light that reveals other shapes and engravings I had not seen before.
On our way home we were lucky to be able to take pictures of a group of seals which rested  on the little Skellig.
Enjoy the new photos.

 some of the 600 steps to the top