Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Rock Formations of Beginish Island, near Valentia Island

Beginish Island lies between Valentia Island and the mainland at the Northern end of Valentia Harbour. It rises gradually from the more fertile South East portzion to the cliffs at its North West end.
(Quote: Sheehan/O`Sullivan: The Iveragh Peninsula- An Archeological Survey of South Kerry)
Beginish Island shows a very diverse selection of different rock formations. You have stone surfaces that have been softened by the sea, very interesting shapes, a great variety of colours and textures and little ponds filled with water in contrast to the dry stone. I go to Beginish Island sometimes as part of my workshops schedule. There are four huts dating back to Early Medieval Period and on a later stage the existance of a Hiberno-Viking settlement. You can still see field walls and animal shelters.
Please do not leave anything on the island and take only photos and memories home.