Monday, December 15, 2014

Best piece of gear for photographers: Boots!

fotoworkshop irland
My 15 year old Brasher Hillmaster GTX after a walk in the bog
If you still do not know how to treat yourself for Christmas I would recommend to get yourself a good pair of walking boots.
Good boots will get you to all those interesting locations where you can photograph exciting landscapes or wildlife. The privileg of beeing in the wilderness depends to a certain degree on your foot wear. A good set of boots will become part of your path to freedom. When you look down from the top of a mountain or you are standing on a steep cliff think of the people who made your boots for a minute.
I would always prefer boots over shoes as you have more support and better protection if the terrain is wet or rough.
The investment seems to be a bit steep in the beginning but a good brand will last many years with a bit of care.
Remember to wear stronger socks when you try them on as walking boots need to sit not to tight on your feet.
 Some companies offer to put new soles on your boots when the first pair is worn.
Like a car we need new tyres from time to time.
Good luck with all your outdoor photography!
©Michael Herrmann 2014

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Photowalk Lough Cloon, County Kerry

First signs of winter this week in Kerry. Storm, heavy swell and now a bit of dust on the Kerry mountain. Many reasons to leave the house for photography practise and some fresh air.
©Michael Herrmann 2014