Sunday, December 30, 2012

Gale, Storm, Thunder and Lightning

The last couple days were pretty rough. After an evening with storm force 10 we had thunder and lightning the following morning and plenty rain. Even the internet was dead. The wind got the Atlantic moving and big swell was the result at the Kerry coast.

Claude, a friend from Ballyvourney came to visit and together with my son we went for the Glen to take some photos of the big waves. Even the Skelligs were hardly to notice. From St.Finians Bay beach you could only see the upper part of the rocks. We finished the evening near Bolus Head with an exciting sunset that I just watched but not photographed.

This morning we decided to go the other direction for Valentia Island. After a short visit to Knightstown we went for the lighthouse at Cromwell point with some very impressiv waves. Lucky enough the wind blew from the southerly direction and kept our lenses reasonable clean. To get a bit closer to the action we drove to the place near the Valentia Radio Station were the Tetrapod foot prints are located. From there we had some wave crashing panorama in front of us that was simply breathtaking.

I decided to show the black and white version to give you an idea about the shapes and moves of the very energetic water. The few hours today out in fresh air near the Atlantic reminded me how privileged I am to live close to such unspoilt nature.

 I wish you all my friends, customers and family an exciting, creative and healthy year 2013!
Hope to see you some day in South Kerry.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Rain and Light and Clouds, can you ask for more?

Skelligs from Bolus Head

Skelligs from Bolus Head

Skelligs from Bolus Head

Skelligs from Bolus Head

Puffin Island from Bolus Head

Skelligs from Bolus Head

Skelligs from Bolus Head

All photos ©Michael Herrmann 2012

Monday, November 12, 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey

Classic black and white photography is alive and kicking. After years of madly saturated photos many photographers go back to black and white photography.
With the reduction to grey values the photos allow the person looking at the photos to bring his own visual experience in and create his own colour version in his mind. The absence of colour does not mean a restriction but rather more freedom in the creation of your images. Colour can distract the attention to your theme and become the theme itself. Sunsets and flowers are two subjects that demand a different approach when shot in black and white. With modern editing software like Lightroom 4 the transfer from colour to back and white is easy done. Lightroom comes with a wide range of black and white presets that work very well, I´ve used one of them for the change.
 Other programs like Nik Silver Efex Pro allow you to play with endless variations of black and white photos.
Both programs even give you the option to add a film grain look to your photos.
The photos above where shot yesterday morning during a walk on Reenroe beach, Ballinskellig. Bright light and the low sun showed the pattern in the sand and waves. The graphic patterns of  surfaces were always a theme for photographers since the beginning of photography due to its temporary character.
 I recommend to take the photos in colour and transfer to black and white in the post editing. The colour file is simply bigger compared to the grey scale of the black and white file.
 If you shoot raw the file will be colour anyway, only the preview in your camera will be black and white.
All photos Canon 5dmkII and 50mm macro lens.
©Michael Herrmann 2012

Monday, October 22, 2012

Caherdaniel Derrynane Park Autumn Colours

 Derrynane Caherdaniel Autumn Colour Workshop 2012.
All photos Canon 5d mkII, 50 mm Macro lens.
©Michael Herrmann 2012