Sunday, June 27, 2010

Photo Editing Course at Tech Amergin and a Competition

My Photo Editing Course in Tech Amergin, Waterville is starting next Tuesday night, 29 June. If you like to learn how to improve your photos, how to crop, to resize for print and internet and include text in your images, give Angela at Tech Amergin a ring on 0669478956.
And here is the contest:
 I´m giving away one version of Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 if you tell me which of the 4 photos above is not edited.
Use the contact form above and write the number of the photo you think that is not edited (starting from top).

 The winner will be selected Thursday July 1, 5 pm.
Good luck.

Bog Cotton (Eriophorum vaginatum)

Bog Cotton is a common sight in the month of May and June in Kerry. Although it is not the most spectacular flower it stands out in the more or less all green landscape of the region. As the name suggests it grows in the grassy boglands and likes it a bit wet. It looks more interesting when you shoot against the light with a big aperture and fast  shutterspeed. Beware of the soggy ground, and remember there may be birds nesting!
The first photo was taken with a 17-40 zoom, the last photo with the 100 mm macro.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Midsummer in South Kerry

The last couple weeks were just amazing. We have the most wonderful June and every day is a great day to take photos. I have to water the plants in the morning, a very unusual event  in Ireland.
All the flowers are in full blossom and when you walk down the road you are surrounded by a sweet smell. I went swimming twice and at the weekend the beaches in Ballinskellig and Reenroe are busy. My grandson Noah got his first Kerry GAA dress and is now a real Kerryman.
The nights with the South Kerry Camera Club are now longer as you see in the  photo where Deirdre and John
taking some photos of the beautiful evening light after the sunset.
When you are driving or cycling on the Ring of Kerry in the near future, stop at the Matchmaker Cafe´for a very good Cappuccino!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Beginish Island, County Kerry, a real treasure!

  Tommy O´Connell

When I returned from Germany on Monday evening the rain gave me a typical irish welcome. Yesterday was another proof how fast everything can change. In the brightest sunshine,  my teacher colleagues from the O´Connell Centre in Caherciveen and  I went to Beginish Island, situated just a mile outside between Valentia Island and the mainland. Tommy O`Connell  and the Boat with Wheels brought us over and Tommy also provided us with some information about the Island. The last people who lived on Beginish were the Casey Brothers, Jim and Mike. Tommy´s grandfather was born on the Island and Tommy has still sheep grasing on Beginish. After passing some amazing shaped rocks on the beach we went to a stone building that was erected by the vikings at the western part of the Island. The Island was several times occupied and abandoned starting in medieval period. There are still several old farmhouses and on the beach further north you can see the seals sunbathing. The two hours on Beginish were way to little to see the whole beauty of the place but gave me some idea how lucky I am to live near such unspoiled treasure.
Here is the link to Tommy´s website if you like to book a trip with the Boat with Wheels.
Valentia Harbour Tours