Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Ambiguity in Photography

all photos Canon 5dmkII,  2.8/ 100mm lens
These photos were made during a photo walk through the garden of Tech Amergin, Waterville where I teach photography classes. The polytunnels in the garden gave us shelter from the cold evening winds. While inside we discovered interesting pattern of light and texture due to the condensation on the inside skins of the tunnel.
 The concept of openess to interpretation or lack of directness appears very interesting to me as somebody who usually works with "reality". The vagueness of a visual statement allows you to play more in free way with light, shape and colour.
It is interesting to see how those images create diiferent reactions and emotional responses.
Another aspect is the endless amount of opportunities once you start to think in abstract images.
 Still, technical skills and a vision in relation to your visual concept helps to turn your photos in to a dialogue with the outside observer.

©Michael Herrmann 2015

Monday, May 04, 2015

Karl Blossfeldt Exhibition at Tech Amergin Waterville, County Kerry

exhibition Karl Blossfeldt, photography workshop
Karl Blossfeldt exhibition poster Tech Amergin
I´m happy to announce the upcoming exhibition of the work of German Photographer Karl Blossfeldt at Tech Amergin Waterville.
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