Monday, November 30, 2015

From the Photographic Object to the Image

The original object, good shapes but the colour was not working for me.

Transition to black and white and split toning in Lightroom 6- dark line on table removed with spot removel tool

Transition to black and white and split toning in Lightroom 6 -other angle and other format

Transition to black and white and split toning in Lightroom 6- opposite end

fotokurs Irland
Transition to black and white and split toning in Lightroom 6- detail photo with open Aperture
All photos were taken with Canon 5D mkII and 50mm 2.5 macro lens.

Try out a few different angles and select an object not to small for the start. If you work with a tripod try small Aperture settings as well.
I could see a single photo as the result or a triptych of portrait shapes.

©Michael Herrmann 2015

Friday, November 06, 2015

Photo Tip: Killarney National Park Autumn Light

Lough Acoose and Macgillycuddy Reeks

Trees near Muckross Abbey

Muckross Abbey Burial Ground

Muckross Lake 

Muckross Lake 

Trees and Muckross Lake 

Muckross Lake 

Muckross Lake Panorama made of 5 frames stitched in Lightroom 6

Muckross Lake 

Muckross Lake 
The autumn light currently is always a reason to get out of the house and take photos. One of the best location would be Killarney National Park due to its great mix of lakes, forests and mountains.
Even Red Dear, eagles and other animals can be photographed with a bit of knowledge and luck.
The photos above were taken last Saturday on a beautiful day around the park. A nice lady showed me even a Strawberry Tree with fruits! Bring the tripod and go for a nice walk!
©Michael Herrmann 2015
more info about Killarney National Park here

Friday, October 30, 2015

Winter evening Photography at St.Finian´s Bay,

All photos were taken in St.Finians Bay, County Kerry with a Canon 5d mII and 40+50mm lens, editing done in Adobe Lightroom 6.
©Michael Herrmann 2015

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Photography Courses in South Kerry


I´m teaching several photography classes in South Kerry in local Community Colleges and Community Centre's.

Tech Amergin Waterville, phone: 0669478956

Tuesday nights from 7-10pm

Digital Photography Level 5
-very detailed class that runs 26 weeks and gets you through the whole process of taking photos the best technical way and learning the most important editing steps for your prints or web photos.
The artistic aspects of photography will be covered as well.

Thursday nights 7-9pm

Digital Photography Level 3
This class is intended for beginners and people with little knowledge of photography.
You will learn all the essential settings of your camera, features and basic photo skills. Key elements of composition and printing and mounting of your photos will be covered.
20 weeks

Macro Photography Workshop

24/25th of October 10am-1pm

Learn how to photograph all the small things around you by setting the camera for close distance photography. The world of detail offers endless photo opportunities. Learn how to set the camera and how to improve images in post editing.

Autumn Colour Workshop Kells Bay Garden, late October/early November

We are going to spend day in the wonderful Kells Bay Garden to photograph the huge variety of plants and trees in their autumn colours
The waterfall, foliage in typical autumn colours, strong shapes and the influence of light will be our subjects for this enjoyable day. The coffee shop provide a great location for food and drink and the new vista towards the sea is just another reason you should join us.
10am to 4pm

O`Connell Centre Cahersiveen, phone: 06694721414

Digital photography Level 3, Tuesday 10-12am
This class provides you with the basic knowledge of Digital Photography. Learn about your digital camera, the menu settings, correct exposure and the right use of zoom lens and presets. This is a class with a lot of practical learning to help you going the right direction with your photography.
20 weeks

Ballinskelligs Community Centre, phone: 0669479111 

This photography group will work with me on a specific local project using photography skills for a tourism and outdoor orientated subject. Come and join the group and help us to make this successful and learn at the same time about landscape and wildlife photography.
Monday 10am to 12pm starting October 5th

Come and learn some new skills and have fun with your camera!

Monday, June 15, 2015

First Photo Tour 2015 in Kerry, part one.

Valentia Island, Cromwell Point Lighthouse

Cromwell Point lighthouse stairs

Valentia Island

Valentia Island

Sellig Michael, monastery

Sellig Michael, monastery

Skellig Michael, steps to monastery

Puffins on Skellig Michael

Skellig Michael, Lighthouses

Small Skellig, Gannet colony

Dolphin near Skellig Michael

Skellig Michael from a beach near Waterville

 I´m just showing some photographs of my  first 2015 summer photo tour here, actually only day one and two. You can see  more photos on my German blog if you click on the link at the top.
I really enjoyed beeing out in nature again. The scenery is always like new to me. After working as a photographer and tutor here for 8 years I can not stop admiring this great place we call home now. I hope you get a sense of my joy.

©Michael Herrmann 2015

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Ambiguity in Photography

all photos Canon 5dmkII,  2.8/ 100mm lens
These photos were made during a photo walk through the garden of Tech Amergin, Waterville where I teach photography classes. The polytunnels in the garden gave us shelter from the cold evening winds. While inside we discovered interesting pattern of light and texture due to the condensation on the inside skins of the tunnel.
 The concept of openess to interpretation or lack of directness appears very interesting to me as somebody who usually works with "reality". The vagueness of a visual statement allows you to play more in free way with light, shape and colour.
It is interesting to see how those images create diiferent reactions and emotional responses.
Another aspect is the endless amount of opportunities once you start to think in abstract images.
 Still, technical skills and a vision in relation to your visual concept helps to turn your photos in to a dialogue with the outside observer.

©Michael Herrmann 2015

Monday, May 04, 2015

Karl Blossfeldt Exhibition at Tech Amergin Waterville, County Kerry

exhibition Karl Blossfeldt, photography workshop
Karl Blossfeldt exhibition poster Tech Amergin
I´m happy to announce the upcoming exhibition of the work of German Photographer Karl Blossfeldt at Tech Amergin Waterville.
Please share.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Landscape and Belief in South Kerry

Killabuonia stone enclosure ruins, St.Finian´s Bay

Cross slab and gabel shrine Killabuonia

Orthostic monument Rathkieran, St.Finian´s bay

Cross inscribed slab near Lough Currane, Waterville

Detail of cross slab

Cross slab near Waterville between trees

Detail cross slab

Stone row near Lough Currane, Waterville

Cross slab Termons, outside Waterville

Early ecclesiastical site at Loher, Waterville

Cross slabs at Loher in line with Skellig Michael
In preparation for the √Čigse na Br√≠deoige 2015 festival I was ask to visit and photograph some heritage sites in the South Kerry area together with Paddy Bush, one of the organisers and speaker at the festival. This years theme was "Landscape and Belief". Over the weekend long festival very interesting illustrated talks, a book launch, music concerts and guided walks to archeology sites created a great combination for anybody interested in the history, folklore and impact of religion on the landscape that is still visible today in South Kerry. The festival has a website: Eigse
I would like to thank the organisers for the opportunity to visit those very interesting locations.
Please be aware that some of the sites are on private property.