Thursday, July 02, 2009

Pinhole Photography

Inny Estuary
Waterville from Reenroe Beach

The pinhole technique goes back to the principle of the Camera Obscura which is, put very short, a box or a room into which light from an object falls through a very small hole onto a light sensitive material, which could be some tracing paper, a glass plate, a film or a digital sensor.
The projected image is "on its head", like our eyes are working, basically.
There are all kinds of pinhole cameras, you can build one yourself, which you probably did in Science at school, there are big wooden boxes with photo chemically sensitive glass plates or film rolls, and there are pinhole caps for some digital camera types, which you put on your camera instead of a lens.
This is what I did for these pictures, to a true pinhole expert it may be cheating, but then I just wanted to try out what it would look like.
The result still has that slightly blurred, imperfect and timeless feeling. And I like it very much, so, I think, a "real" film pinhole camera is on the wish list now...