Sunday, August 09, 2009

Skellig Michael - The Lighthouses

When I was staying on Skellig Michael
in April I used almost every minute of light
to capture the awesome monastic buildings
but also the architecture of the two lighthouses
and of course, you cannot escape it,
thunderous waves, the fast moving clouds
or calm sky and other nature performances.
I showed some of the lighthouse photographs
here before and there are some more now
in this publication.

Open publication - Free publishing - More skelligs

Only a few informations here ,
you can read a lot more on the Commissioners of Irish Lights website.

The construction of the two lighthouses began in 1821 and five years later was completed.
The service of the upper lighthouse which is in ruins now was discontinued in 1870, it was not very reliable anyway because it seemed to be in a cloud a lot of the time and by 1870 a light house on Inishtearaght, one of the Blasket Islands, covered the necessary area for which the Skelligs Upper Light was meant.
There is one photograph of a grave stone within the church of the monastery.
Two children of one lighthouse keeper are buried here, Patrick, aged 2 who died in December 1868 and William, aged 4 who died in March 1869.