Thursday, January 21, 2010

A walk in the bog



Last Sunday afternoon I went for a walk in the bog. Although we are living close to the sea, we are surrounded by bog and farmland. The pictures that I´ve brought home are a mix of landscape and close up photographs because I had only one lens with me, the 50 mm Canon macro. The half composted flowers and the exotic palmtrees are  dumped there, nature sorts them out.
I´ve downloaded lightroom 3 beta today, a couple of new features, like film grain, individual copyright watermark, new slideshow features and upload to flickr.
It´s getting better all the time and if you are a raw shooter you should have it. the preset for black and white is a free download from the lightroom website.
Turf cutting is still very popular over here, I have myself a nice  fire burning in the open fireplace, as I´m writing this.