Monday, February 01, 2010

Portmagee Pier in January

Who says that January is not a good month for taking Outdoor Photographs?
This past month has given us exceptionally good opportunities to capture clear light and with that strong colours and deep shadows, ideal for any kind of photography, really.
One of my favourite haunts, Portmagee Pier, with its fishermen´s gear was interesting as usual.
Colour and shape,  light and shadow, all coming together to a feast for the eyes.
It was almost picture book constellations for practising photography tasks like composition, depth of field or trying to tell a story with some unusal view of well known subject.
Well, we enjoy Portmagee in Winter...
The next Weekend Photography Workshops here in Portmagee will be held on
  • 6th-7th February 2010 and on
  • 13th-14th March 2010
If you are interested, check out the details on my website or contact me (above), see you...