Monday, May 17, 2010

Killarney National Park in May

Yesterday was a very fine day, with blue sky and white clouds.
I went to Killarney National Park to take some photos of the Bluebells and to my surprise the Wild Garlic was in full bloom as well.
The green of the leaves looked fresh and really juicy and like a new beginning. If you are into macro and flower photography go there soon.  Be careful when you walk in to the forest, I tried not to step on too many of the flowers.
In some of the photos you can observe different depths of field, with flowers especially I really like a kind of shallow depths so that more of your attention goes to details on one or two flowers. Then again I was so overwhelmed by the blue carpet of flowers, that I tried to capture them all with a bigger depth of field also.
Flowers are a great subject for experimenting with all kinds of setups so have a go with your camera in your garden or a ditch or Killarney´s National Park.