Saturday, July 24, 2010

Worldwide Photo Walk Ballinskelligs 2010

22 enthusiastic people came today to Ballinskelligs for the World Wide Photowalk 2010.
We had a couple from England, one couple and a single man from Germany and the Irish of course coming as far as from Cork and Athlone. The weather looked a bit dull when we met but everybody was in a great mood anyway and happy to discover Ballinskelligs Bay with the camera. We walked down the road and after about 5 minutes everybody just started taking pictures.
All kind of wild flowers are growing near the road, like Fuchsia, Meadowsweet and  Montbretia. We reached Ballinskelligs Pier after 15 minutes and the old boats and anchors became the favorite subject of the photographers.
From there we went to the Old Abbey with the Old Burial Ground, the place where the monks from Skellig Michael  settled when they had to leave the monastery on the Skellig Rock.
The weather was getting better, two fisherman were trying to get some bass near the shore and one of the ladys walked right in to the sea to take some pictures of the seaweed - there is no genius without passion!
Then we arrived at Ballinskelligs Castle, for some in our group the very first time visiting the exposed and very interesting place.
It was time for a coffee in Barbara´s CafĂ© and most of us took the short cut across the river.
I think everybody was delighted to take part in this wonderful  event, I certainly met some nice people and I´m looking forward to see their photos of the day.
Thank you all so much,  for making it a fantastic experience.