Monday, August 16, 2010

Blur and Motion

You may have seen some photos from sports events where the photographer moved the zoom focal lenghts during the shot to get this blurry, exciting fast speed look.
It needs a bit of practice but you are getting there at some stage, and because we are living in the digital age, you can try as long as you like with no extra costs. However the disadvantage  of this procedure is that you may not have a normal image at all in your archiv. Here is a different approach, that you can try with Photoshop or another program for editing photos.
Open the file and go to filter - blur filter - circular blur.
Be careful with the amount of blur you apply, you will still like to recognize what the purpose of this image is. 
In this case I made a selection around the surfer and inverted the selection so that he is not blurred. I have increased the contrast as well. Give it a try, its fun. Below is the result, go out and try it yourself.