Thursday, November 11, 2010

Stormy Weather - Valentia Lighthouse, County Kerry

Storm force 9-10 over Ireland made me going to Valentia Island today. The region around the lighthouse is always a great place to take pictures of waves crashing against the rocks. I had to hold my tripod really tight and selected a setting of my shutterspeed not longer than 1/250 sec. On my way home I managed to take some shots of the sun trying to get through the clouds.
If you are  planning to do something similar, spend at least two hours working on your subject, you`ll be rewarded. Because of the strong wind a lot of photos will be out of focus or blurred. Remember to clean your front lens from time to time, the salt in the air lowers the contrast of the photos immensely. Cover the camera and lens between shots. Please do not go to close to the sea, the blustery winds and the waves are highly dangerous.
Clean your gear when you arrive at  home!