Friday, March 11, 2011

It´s square, blurry and the colours are faded, but I like it.

Years ago everybody had a Polaroid camera and each family had some of those photos in a shoebox. somehow the look and feeling of Polaroid photos has made it in to our autobiographical memory. the results of the Polaroid camera were far from beeing perfect and  the square format had its own unique visual appeal. every shot was a solitaire. it was a special moment to see the image developing and always a mix of hope and expectation.
Polaroid is now gone but the film can be still ordered from a company that bought all the machinery and equipment . here is the link  Polaroid film  .
the photos above are actually not Polaroids but a kind of hommage to this type of photography . somehow this kind of photography  means more to me than those perfect and over saturated  images that some people admire so much.  it seems more of a humble nature and it is a bit like we are: wonderfully imperfect, but not a clone.