Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Water, Stone, Light, Discover Kerry!

Our Coastline in Ireland is full of interesting places. If you
walk around near the sea, you´ll find all kind of micro landscapes with wonderful simplistic settings. A few stones, a rock that was softened from the waves and those roundish stones everywhere,  will get you great photos. You will discover that arranging and organising the different shapes and colour or greyscales in your frame is an easy way to learn composing your images. I have noticed that a lot of photographers forget to turn the camera for a portrait shaped photo but it is actually the easiest way to create something completely different. The options are endless, I´ve reduced the 30 photos of my selection to those 13, all photos were taken in a space of about 5 m² near Whitestrand, Over the Water, Cahersiveen with a Canon 5d, 50mm macro and 17-40 lens, with Polarizer Filter. Tripod mounted.
Be careful, the ground is uneven and if wet very slippery!