Monday, July 04, 2011

Bray Head Mega Cliffs, Valentia Island, County Kerry

Did you notice the photographer?

Portmagee Harbour with the new anker at night

Our last outing brought us over to Valentia Island and the region North of Bray Head was the target.

In his book "Man and Environment on Valencia Island" the author Frank Mitchell calls it the Mega Cliff. The cliff is rising to a height of 275m and stretches a mile down on the Northside of Valentia. On the way to the cliffs you are passing a big peat ground before arriving at a very  rocky landscape close to the sea. To the right is a place called Beenaniller Head, the last home to the sea eagle in Ireland. Several ancient walls and ruins of buildings and settlements can be found in the area. This whole area is a heaven for any landscape photographer and one of the most exciting places in Kerry due to its vast variety of different scenes.

Frank Mitchell´s book can be ordered here: Frank Mitchell - Man&Eivironment in Valencia Island

After a relexed meeting in the Bridge Bar, I took the last photo of the newly arrived anker in Portmagee Harbour.

All photos with Canon 5dII and 17.40mm lens, tripod.100 ISO