Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Muckross Park, Greenhouse. Killarney

The greenhouse in Killarney´s Muckross Park always made some impression on me as a nice piece of architecture. Durind my recent workshop I took a few photos around the building and was quite happy with the results as the images show some character of the building and its purpose. The reason I´m showing the photos here is more to demonstrate how many different angles you get when you work with passion on a particular theme. Its always beneficial to keep things simple, all photos were taken with a Canon 5d mkII and a 50mm lens. I´ve used the live view feature for some shots and all photos were taken freehand with almost open aperture.
If you approach a photo subject next time, take  a bit more time to look and try to visualise how your photo is going to look like. Forget all the technical stuff and just enjoy colours, shapes and light. You´ll get different photos, promised.