Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Valentia Island, Bray Head South Slope.

Bray Head on Valentia Island is a popular spot for walks because of the great views to all directions and the high cliffs to the right and over at Portmagee. The signal tower is visited by many walkers every week.
However most people miss a very interesting irish heritage site.
Half the way up to the tower on the south side of the road
 are the remains of five drystone buildings.
One of them has some crosses and other geometrical shapes engraved in its walls.
The structure and shape of the buildings reminds me of the monastery on Skellig Michael and indeed they are just a few miles out in the sea. Maybe both settlements are made by monks in early christian times.
The buildings are surrounded by fields that have been farmed in the past as you can see very clear when the light is low.

Below the ruins is a nice slopy rock with some ponds and streams coming down from above. Be careful, it is not easy to get there and good walking boots are necessary. You are close to the sea, beware of the tide and waves.