Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Skelligs again, Tech Amergin Spring Programme

To know your subject well is always a great advantage in photography. Still, one of the great joys of a landscape photographer is to return to the same place and see the scene in new light, from different angle and in a new context.
 The seasons and the ever changing light in Kerry helps a lot so that you never run out of reasons to return. I love going to the same place again and again and find something that I did not expexted at all. Even if its just there for a couple minutes. The light becomes a special event and what Henri Cartier Bresson called "the decisive moment". If you are in the right place and your gear is ready and most importantly your mind is ready to receive the signal, you are lucky.
 Being prepared helps, like using a decent tripod and having gloves on when its cold.
You can´t be disappointed because you are coming home with something that can be a treasure, something special. The result can be very different but the main thing is, you´ve tryed and you can now review what you´ve done. Doing it is the secret.

 Moirisk, The Glen. County Kerry. The Skelligs. ©Michael Herrmann 2013

Tech Amergin Waterville click here for the link has published the Spring Programme now, have a look please.
 I´m going to teach further Lightroom classes and start a new Digital Photography Fetac level 5 course.
Some interesting workshops and special walks are also part of the programme