Friday, May 03, 2013

Sunbeam Wreck, Rossbeigh Beach, Glenbeigh

The South Kery Camera Club went to Rossbeigh Beach yesterday to photograph the shipwreck of the Sunbeam. I have been there years but never specifically for the wreck. Here is some information about the ship Sunbeam and its history.
Not too far from the shipwreck was a body of a dead dolphin or dead whale.
The evening was a bit chilly but we managed to stay for the time when the sun came down. And there was the special moment with a bit of a sun beam shining on the "Sunbeam".
I have to go there soon again as there is so much to photograph on the remains of the ship. The timber looks very worn and weather beaten and has a nice grain and deep scars all over. I would like to see it when the tide goes out and the beach is clan of any footprints.
All photos with Canon 5d and 28-70mm , 2.8 lens