Monday, September 16, 2013

St.Finians Bay, the Tripod Lesson!

The photos from St.Finians Bay beach were just taken on this fresh September evening. In a matter of twenty minutes the light changed and I could photograph some reflections and the changing evening light. I used the 40mm pancake with a polarizer filter for most of the shots, some with the 70-200mm lens, all on tripod. The shuterspeed at the end was 1/8 of a second at aperture 10.
 When I arrived at the beach another photographer was just packing in and jumping in to his car. I was wondering why somebody could leave this place at the wrong time.
But when I saw no tripod I knew why he left. He could simply not handheld any longer the camera as the shutterspeed increased to over 1/15 of a second. If you intend to go out in the evening bring your tripod, a cable release and warm clothing. Good luck!

©Michael Herrmann 2013