Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Kerry Mountain walk near Ballaghisheen

Cottage ruin

Bogland every where

Circular polarizer filter for better clouds

Rock face

Cloud shadows shaping the landscape

Carrauntoohill on the left has still a bit of snow

Brassel Mountain 575m

Wide empty vista

Sunday marked the beginning of the summertime 2014. Coming from Ballaghisheen I drove down to the bogland and started my walk towards Toornaneaskagh passing an old farm ruin. Nice warm sunshine, clouds and blue sky every where you looked. Suddenly a strange sound of a bird in the distance.
 Looking up the sky I saw two eagles flying above me.
Otherwise just silence.
 The Macgillycuddy Reeks in the distance had this blue tint that you see in paintings. Not a day for black and white photos.
I used 40, 50 and the 70-200mm lenses for the photos with a circular polarizer filter and a tripod . Here is the GPS location file from my phone 51.96514500,-9.92605833

©Michael Herrmann 2014