Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Anthony Cronin - 28. Dezember 1928 † 27. Dezember 2016

from:  Statement by the Toscaireacht on the passing of   Anthony Cronin.

"Anthony Cronin was a poet. That is how he wanted to be remembered primarily. But as the moving spirit in the foundation of Aosdána, he was also one of the most significant figures in Ireland’s cultural history. He raised the public standing of the arts and, most especially, of the artist, to a level that no one of his generation would have thought possible. In part this was due to his understanding of history – in the 19th century a poet of genius like James Clarence Mangan lived and died beyond the notice of the state; in part it was due to his indignation that another poet of genius, Patrick Kavanagh, as well as many of Kavanagh’s contemporaries in other arts, such as the composer Frederick May, were reduced to poverty and treated as little better than outlaws. 

As Anthony Cronin dies there are many artists today in Ireland who can live and work in their native land because of what he did for them." 

You can read the full statement here

I discovered Anthony Cronin some years ago by listening to a radio program on RTE 1 called 
"Arts tonight" with Vincent Woods. During the program in which Anthony Cronin read from his poems and held an interesting conversation, reflecting on his life in Ireland and the arts.
It is still one of my favorite programs and you can listen to it here

A word about the photograph.
The signal tower on Rossbeigh beach, Glenbeigh was photographed in 2010. 
It has been left to be destroyed by the sea. In 2016 a replica of the tower was erected in the village.

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