Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Glenmore, Waterville, a photography treasure

If you continue the road that follows Lough Currane where the new hotel is just being build you reach the townland of Glenmore. The members of the South Kerry Camera Club visited the area last night on a wonderful warm summer evening. On the way you are passing scenes with mountains and lakes on the left as well as steep rocks and plenty of trees. At some stage you are going to see the parking place for walkers who want to do the Kerry walk. Keep driving for another 1,5km to the very and and turn at the last farm and find a place to park without interfering with the farm gates. There are some wonderful spots to photograph the valley, the trees and the river that runs there. Walking on the road is no problem as you are hardly going to meet any car. Enjoy this peaceful place and look at the sky as you may even see an eagle if lucky.
©Michael Herrmann 2017