Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ancient Trees at Reenroe Beach, Ballinskelligs

All right, they are only what is left of trees, buried under the fine sand at Reenroe Beach in Ballinskelligs and only visible after long stormy periods when the sand gets washed out into the sea. Sometimes you can even see the boggy earth in which they must have grown hundreds of years ago.
Details like this make any walk with your camera worth your while even if the sun is not shining and the sky rather dull - point your camera at little details and you get some "artistic" pictures with often overlooked features, texture and shadows.
Two of the photos I converted into monochrome, I thought they lent themselves for that kind of treatment.
O.k. and try to keep your dog and his paws in the sand away from your subject till you are finished with the picture...