Friday, March 27, 2009

Black and White Landscape Photography

Until the advent of Digital Photography I used black and white film mostly when taking portraits, stills, landscapes or working on documentaries. Many a night was spent in the dark room developing films and getting the prints done each one with great care and attention.
Sometimes I would use colour slide film for landscapes but for developing I had to rely on laboratories and that was ok.
Today I still use b/w film occasionally but as I don´t have a dark room any more I need to send the films off to get developed, then I scan them and do all the necessary editing with computer software.
The pictures above were taken digitally and in colour first before I decided they would look great in monochrome.
There aren´t strict rules which pictures come out great in b/w, so if you have the software, experiment a little with your pictures.
You need some good light and shadows, clouds for dramatic effect and as with all pictures an interesting foreground to lead into your scene.
A good monochrome photograph does not seem to "age" you can look at it again and again, it is unobtrusive yet interesting and printed on high quality paper worth framing and hanging on your wall...