Monday, June 08, 2009

Little Beauties

Yes, I suppose I am a bogman and I like the bog any time of the year- but right now the bogcotton is a piece of art by nature. These very special plants are well adapted to the poor living conditions of the blanket bog, which is very much a feature of this part of Kerry.

To do these delicate fluffs justice, you need to get down with your camera and focus on one flower with a small depth of field or to get the "big picture" get a bigger depth of field.
Depth of field (the amount of sharpness throughout your picture) is a creative tool to put more or less emphasis on parts of the subject.
You can controll it by your aperture settings only;
A small aperture (f-stop=big number) brings more of the subject into sharp focus.

If you only want part of your subject to be in sharp focus, use a bigger aperture (f-stop=smaller number)and focus on the part of the picture you want to see sharp.