Thursday, June 11, 2009

Successful Students in Digital Photography Course

To all my students in the Digital Studio Photography Course, Fetac Level 5, at Tech Amergin in Waterville, Co. Kerry, thank you for an interesting and informative time during the last eight month.
When we started in October, most of you already had some basic skills but also a great interest about photography and how the camera works. I remember our first nights when you discovered that there is a lot more then just putting the camera on automatic settings. Step by step we went through the basics and with the help of the camera manual, we´ve made our way trough things like aperture, shutterspeed, depth of field and iso settings.
I had to remind myself that you do all those changes on your camera
for the first time more or less and not to push it to hard. At the same time the hours were flying and most of the nights we would do a couple of minutes more.
I was really impressed by the quality and choice of your final projects and I would really like to publish more of your work here. Here is a list of the finished photography projects:

  • Trish O`Sullivan: Daly`s Farm,Milk and Icecream on Valentia Island
  • Tom Horgan: The townland of Cill Rialaig
  • Eileen O´Shea: Reflections
  • Bridget O `Shea: A Farming Family on Valentia Island
  • Richard Foran: The Sea
  • Joe Hardy: Bridges

Another challenge was the work in the studio. Every Friday night we changed the computer room in to a photo studio, with backdrops, lights, tripods, the whole lot. We had a nice working atmosphere and because you all had to act as photo models, we had some fun as well.
A highlight of the course was our day out at the Cromwell Point Lighthouse, thanks to Richard Foran and the Commissioners of Irish Lights for the permission to take photos.
The assessor from Fetac was very impressed with your work folders and projects and gave you all the best result of "Distinction".

Congratultions and all the best, not only with your camera.
Thank you Susan and Angela, from Tech Amergin, for the great support.