Friday, October 30, 2009

Autumn in Killarney´s National Park

For truly colourful Autumn photographs I like to go to Killarney´s National Park.
Here are still vast stretches of dense, indigenous forests, with trees that right start showing lovely yellows, browns and reds. Near the entrance to Muckross House is Torc Waterfall and as the day was not too bright, I tried to capture the flowing water as a soft and milky blur which enhances the appearrance of a magigal, secret forest where strange little creatures might or might not live and be merry.
It is always a temptation to capture, in this case, the whole picture, waterfall, but as you can see with the three following pictures, the more you close in or crop in your subject, the more interesting it gets.
I gave the chosen aperture, shutterspeed, focal length and the lens with each picture.
The main decision here is to have a longish shutterspeed for the blurred feel of the moving water, for that you need to choose  a very small aperture (big number).
By the way, all photos were taken with ISO 100 and the help of a tripod of course.
If you want to go and try this yourself, be careful with the slippery stones and take some waders with you.

f/22, 2.0sec, 28mm with 17-40 mm lens

f/32, 25sec, 73mm with 70-200mm lens

f/32, 30sec, 125mm with 70-200mm lens

More details, even more cropped in:

f/32, 30sec, 120mm with 70-200mm lens

f/32, 30sec, 185mm with 70-200mm lens
For more reading on long shutterspeed and blurred effect, click here or check out the labels on the left.