Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How to publish a photo book with issuu

I have been asked to tell how I published my few photo books with Issuu, a "... Living Library for individuals, publishers and businesses... free and open for everyone, who publish and share the web's best publications..."

The main point to consider is that you need any file (text or photos) in pdf format, and if you want a collection of files to appear like a book or magazine, you need to merge your single pdf pages.

For my photobooks I created psd files ( I use Photoshop CS3) with a 150dpi background (any colour). I found that a square 15x15 cm works quite well for the overall page size, my Skellig books are 20x30 cm and it takes almost too long for the individual pages to upload when you want to watch them, even with a fast internet connection.
Then I added my photo also in 150dpi.
In some cases I added text layers as well. I saved everything as a psd file, this is necessary when you want to change something afterwards; then I saved everything as a pdf file ( you can merge the layers first but you don´t have to). When you are saving as pdf the compability should be pdf 1.4 and for fast web view.
Once I was sure in which order I wanted the pages to appear  I merged the single pdf pages to a new file.
This new file then was uploaded in Issuu, you have to sign up with them but it is well worth it, the basic service is free.
The actual uploading is straight forward enough, go through all the fill-in-fields and choose what is best for you. After the upload there is a "converting", one time this took so long, almost 40 minutes but this seems to be a problem at certain times as probably everyone is uploading at the same time.
One last word for now, be aware that everybody can embed your publication in their site or on their blog, so make sure your credentials are there and a link to your website etc...
Have a look at this video