Sunday, September 12, 2010

Polaroid in Kerry, the Impossible Project

If you still own an old Polaroid camera and you would like to use it again, I have good news for you. Thanks to some enthusiastic people you can get film for some Polaroid cameras now and enjoy  a very different type of photography. The photos are not really sharp, the colours are rather strange ( you can have a kind of black and white film too) and you get only a single image, no negativ and it is rather small. Still, the whole thing is fascinating and the creations are very different from what photographs are looking today and I have to say I love this type of photography. I´ve ordered a sample pack of colour shade film on the website  and after some thinking and testing I found a suitable project: the old tractors in Kerry that are still in use everywhere, mainly by farmers to get the turf from the boglands home. Most of them are from the time when Polaroid was still very common, 70´s and 80´s machines with funny names and colours. I´m going to start taking pictures of them from now on and if you like to get your tractor photographed on Polaroid, get in touch with me.