Saturday, March 09, 2013

First Outing with the South Kerry Camera Club at Valentia Lighthouses

Trish and Eileen at the harbour beacon

Richard showing the new light
Richard climbing from the beacon

Cromwell Point Lighthouse behind bars
Old canon outside the lighthouse

View from the balcony

The light from outside....

and from inside

Stairwell leading up

Lens detail
Lens detail
Lens detail
 Today was the first outing with the South Kerry Camera Club in 2013. We went to Valentia Lighthouse at Cromwell Point.
This time we visited the harbour beacon near Glenleam first. Our member Richard Foran, lighthouse keeper on Skellig Michael showed us all the new technology at the beacon. The light comes from New Zealand and is very efficient. During the night the beam is so bright that it needs to be filtered to a lower brightness grade. The paint on the beacon tower is special daylight fluorescent paint that is seen for miles. The harbour entrance to Knightstown is a challenge to any skipper due to rocks and those signals have safed many lives of fisherman and tourists.
The second part was a visit to the lighthouse at Cromwell point. The building, the light and the lens are very interesting and a dream location for any photographer. I love photographing lighthouses and lucky enough I have 4 of them nearby.
A big thank you to Richard for making this wonderful experience happen again.